Permanent Nurses

Nurses are in high demand in Australia. There are excellent career opportunities throughout the entire public and private health sector. Nursing work is almost always immediate, but visas can take a long time to process! SwingShift Nurses has a wealth of resources to help you apply for a Permanent Residency Visa.

SwingShift Nurses covers a huge range of nursing specialties, including registered nurses, specialist nurses, and nurse practitioners. Learn more about SwingShift Nurses nursing job opportunities.

UK and Irish nurses can migrate to live in Australia through a Permanent Residency Visa. You can find out more information about this specific type of visa from the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection website here.

Once nurses arrive in Australia, they can elect to work anywhere they choose, either for the agency in a casual capacity, or for a health service in a permanent position employed by them, all the while developing and improving your skills and experience.

SwingShift Nurses will help you gain casual nursing shifts, and at times, we will help you find permanent positions in health services.