“I have worked for SwingShift Nurses for the last ten years. The staff are always professional, helpful and courteous, and without exception, gone above and beyond to assist me with work.

I never hesitate in recommending the agency to nurses looking for flexibility in regards to their work. I’ve been offered many positions over the years with the hospitals I go to. I always decline gratefully.

The agency is like family, this group of people know when, where and how I like to work. We have a good relationship, and lots of laughs along the way.”

by: Anne

“I have been working for SwingShift Nurses for the past two years and they are the specialist agency for psychiatric nursing.

Working for the agency allows me the flexibility to work the hours that suit my needs. SwingShift Nurses is very supportive and helpful in assisting me with goals and requirements. The team are professional and friendly, and they get to know you on a professional and personal level. This enables them to find work that suits your strengths and preferences. They also support you to develop professionally and ensure you complete all the mandatory requirements for your registration.

It is a great agency to work for. I have no hesitation in recommending SwingShift Nurses to all my colleagues.”

by: Craig

“I‘ve been with SwingShift Nurses for three years now and it was the best employment decision I’ve made in a long time.

It is entirely my decision when and where I work. If I want a day off I take one. It I’m offered a shift and I don’t fancy working it, I say so. No reason given and none asked.

This flexibility really suits me as I don’t want to work full time. My personal life is very important to me. So too is my working life and being able to work when and where I want means that it is always fresh and interesting when I get to work.

The staff are great too. They’re friendly and helpful and never get cross when I want to take a mini holiday!”

by: Maureen

“In my professional life I recommend SwingShift Nurses without hesitation to my colleagues. SwingShift Nurses provides me with an instant and over reaching access to all areas of the specialist field of psychiatric nursing we work in.

The variety of employment opportunities, within diverse clinical settings is the greatest motivator for me.

Whether in Community, Triage, Acute Adult inpatient, Public, Private, Forensic, Adolescent, Mother & Baby, Eating Disorders or Child Psychiatry, SwingShift Nurses facilitates an effortless daily access to all practice areas of psychiatry which would be impossible to replicate as an employee of any regional health service.

I am pleased to say within my relationship with SwingShift Nurses I enjoy professional and collegial relationships of three decades duration.”

by: Mick

“I am a registered nurse who made the switch to SwingShift Nurses four years ago. I am so pleased I did. It is a fantastic, professional agency.

The pay rates and benefits are great, and there is a wide range of workplaces and opportunities available. All I have to do it decide when and where I want to work.

I love having control of my working life once again and having SwingShift Nurses organise shifts for me.

Highly recommended!”

by: Wendy