Nursing Pay Rates

SwingShift Nurses is proud to be one of Australia’s highest paying nursing agencies, rewarding each and every one of our nurses with exceptional hourly rates that far exceed salary pay rates.

Flexible shifts with outstanding pay means you can achieve the perfect work-like balance that suits your needs.

SwingShift Nurses is for YOU if you want:

  • To cut down your hours but still earn great pay through flexible casual nursing shifts
  • More variety in your nursing shifts
  • Nursing shifts NOW
  • More opportunity to play
  • A permanent role that delivers exceptional pay rates
  • Complete control over where you work

Find out more about nursing pay rates:

Nursing Agency Pay Rates

We’re known for our outstanding pay rates which help make us Australia’s favourite nursing recruitment agency. Contact us to find out more.

More SwingShift Nurses Incentives

Parking Fees

We understand that working casual can result in hidden costs so we pay for all your parking fees incurred when you work one of our shifts. This saves time, money and avoids the stress of ensuring you get to your shift on time.

Referral Rewards

We also offer recruitment incentives and reward you when you refer a nurse to join our agency once they have worked a minimum number of shifts.

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