Casual Nurses

We understand that full-time or permanent work isn’t for everyone. Changing lifestyle habits affect the way you want to work. Casual nursing jobs at SwingShift Nurses means you’re given the freedom to choose the hours you work, all while benefiting from great pay and fantastic rewards.

One of the reasons casual nurses join SwingShift Nurses is the licence to make themselves as available as they choose!

  • Flexible working hours
  • Choose the number of hours you work
  • Great pay
  • Fantastic rewards program
  • Referral rewards

Casual Nursing Jobs in Melbourne

There are a number of specialised nursing jobs available when you register for casual nursing jobs with SwingShift Nurses. We’re a nursing agency in Melbourne looking for a number of nursing qualifications, including:

Registered Nurses (RN)

You hold a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) or a Bachelor of Nursing from a university. Your focus is often on direct patient care.

Enrolled Nurses (EN)

You hold a Diploma in Enrolled Nursing from TAFE or other related health facility and work under direct or indirect supervision of RNs. You provide great care and assistance to patients.

Endorsed Enrolled Nurses (EEN)

EENs have completed further medical endorsement to their training than ENs. Qualifications vary state-by-state and changes to accreditation are currently being discussed.

Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN)

You’re a professional registered nurse who cares for those with mental illnesses and disorders. Registered Division 1 nurses can complete a postgraduate course in mental health nursing.

Psychiatric Enrolled Nurse (PEN)

PENs are registered with AHPRA and normally work under the supervision of a RPNs.

Specialist Nurses

Specialist nurses are registered nurses who demonstrate a higher level of skill across patient care, clinical data analysis, and problem-solving. Common specialties include burns, cardiology, intensive care, and rural nursing.


Midwives have achieved a Bachelor of Midwifery (three years), and it is no longer necessary to be a nurse before becoming a midwife. If you’re a nurse who wants to become a midwife, you can complete a diploma or masters degree in one or two years.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have achieved a master’s degree level of education. They can work autonomously and collaboratively across a broad range of roles.

Personal Care Attendants (PCA)

PCAs also go by the terms home care aids, caregivers or personal care assistants. They aid those who are chronically ill or disabled. They also provide companionship.