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Nursing Agency Melbourne

Are you a local nurse looking for temporary or part time work? Perhaps you’re an overseas traveller seeking short-term or more permanent employment in Australia?

SwingShift Nurses is a nursing agency in Melbourne that rewards qualified nurses like you with some of the best nursing pay rates. Work across a variety of care facilities and hospitals statewide with SwingShift Nurses.

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Local Nurses

Whether you want more control over your schedule or want to work across a range of facilities, local nurses can find what they want with SwingShift Nurses.

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Overseas Nurses

Flexible working hours, great pay rates, and a wide range of specialities makes SwingShift Nurses the easy choice for overseas nurses looking to move to and work in Australia.

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Why you should join SwingShift Nurses

  • We work with the best facilities
  • We offer the most variety and flexibility
  • We offer the best rates of pay
  • We welcome travelling and overseas nurses
  • We care about you and offer ongoing support
  • We offer ongoing training opportunities

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