How long have you been with SwingShift Nurses?

I have been with SwingShift for ten years.

What are the benefits to agency nursing and why do you choose SwingShift?

You can choose the shifts you want to work; SwingShift offers contracts, regular work, and a variety of shifts, plus they pay well. The SwingShift team is very supportive and kind.

What made you want to specialise in mental health nursing?

I like mental health because there’s plenty of work. You develop your interpersonal skills. I want to help promote healthy behaviours and give mental health support to promote health and recovery.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Patients and co-workers that appreciate your help and hard work, and seeing your patient’s recovery.

What advice would you give an aspiring mental health nurse?

Practise empathy and compassion; active listening and building rapport is very important. Understand and know your patient’s history, behaviour, and story of your patient. Identify risk and create a safety plan for your patient. Do your mental health assessment. Always assess the environment’s safety to ensure your patient is safe; patient safety is very important. Offer mental health support to families.

If you had to sum up SwingShift Nurses in one sentence.

I’m very happy with SwingShift because they are respectful, understanding, and give me regular shifts. Thank you very much, SwingShift Nurses!