Are you a nurse in Melbourne seeking better flexibility from your work?

Are you a mental health nurse?
Mental health nurses are in high demand, so if you want more flexibility and great pay, consider the advantages of joining a nursing agency like SwingShift Nurses.
SwingShift Nurses is the largest mental health specialist agency and provider of mental health nurses in Australia. We’re the preferred supplier to most public and private mental health services in Victoria, and cover several areas within the mental health field.

The role may sometimes be challenging, but it is also so rewarding. We look after our nurses in a variety of ways, including providing them with a host of support and care services.

mental health nursing in Melbourne

Mental health in Australia

Mental health nurses care for those suffering mental illnesses, mental disease, and even stress or emotional difficulties, performing a vital role to the wider community. Mental health can often be overlooked and disregarded by the public and unidentified by sufferers and their loved ones, but it is no less serious as other physical injuries and medical illnesses. In fact, mental health is regarded as one of three pillars of overall health (the other two are physical and social health) – this is referred to as the Health Triangle.

Mental health statistics

Mindframe Media reports that:

  • Every year, 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness
  • 14% of Australians will experience anxiety disorders
  • 90% of those with a mental disorder have no history of violence


The Australian Psychological Society has recently reported that stress levels are growing among Australians and getting increasingly worse. 35% of Australians are reported to be showing significant levels of anxiety and 26% are reported to be showing moderate to very severe depression symptoms.

These reports and statistics highlight the evident need for services to treat mental illness and the important service mental health nurses provide.

Workplace stress soars

The same report also shows that an increasing number of Australians are complaining of workplace stress, with more people that ever being unsatisfied with their job.

Australians love their leisure time and it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance for the benefit of your mental health.
Nursing offers the great perk of flexible hours, and we have the support networks in place to assist you with that balance. Nursing can be tough at times, but we’re always alongside you.nursing

Start nursing with Swingshift Nurses today

As the preferred supplier to mental health services across Melbourne, we can confidently say that SwingShift Nurses offers the best mental health shifts for nurses seeking flexible work.

Nursing is a profession that require great skill and passion, and the work nurses do provides one of the greatest services on offer in our society. Serving Australians and treating their mental health is such a great service as the stigma commonly associated with mental health is diminishing every year.
Knowing that you’re making a meaningful impact and difference can make make the work so much more rewarding. Are you a mental health nurse seeking work across Melbourne? Join Swingshift Nurses today.