SwingShift Nurses Free Counselling Service

Agency nursing – particularly in the mental health area – can sometimes be difficult and stressful.

At SwingShift Nurses we don’t forget our nurses can be impacted by events that can occur during the course of a shift. We provide expert support services through a professional team of counsellors to whom we outsource this service.

This service is made available free of charge to our nurses. If you are feeling emotionally and physically worn out or stressed, we encourage you to take advantage of this service. It’s just one of the perks of our nursing agency Melbourne so register with us today.

Tips For Stress And Anxiety Management For Nurses


Stop for a moment and give yourself the chance to catch your breath. Some slow, deep, controlled breaths can instantly help calm any anxiety or nerves.

Work on your daily routine

Develop a morning routine that you can stick to and avoid rushing at the beginning of your day. You’ll arrive to your work relaxed and ready to dominate another shift.

Take a look at your diet

Instead of relying on fast food when you’re starving and exhausted at the end of a shift, try to schedule meals whenever possible. Stay hydrated too! A good diet and plenty of water will keep you energised and boost stamina.


Ensure your bedroom is cool, quiet, and dark.


Sometimes, all you need is half an hour and someone who will listen to you. Don’t less your stress, anxiety, or concerns build up. Get in touch with SwingShift Nurses if you’d like to organise a FREE counselling service. We’re here to help!